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Police & Finances……Again

As you can see back in March I posted an article on our local police force. Well, I have more frustrations to vent.

Every year in Warwick since time began their has been a carnival. Within the carnival a parade used to take place. For two years now we’ve had a carnival without a parade.

Why! My readers cry? Well, the reason is this; our local chief constable deemed that it would be better to spend his limited resources with more effective policing. With this statement he has made a good point. However it’s not the whole picture.
You or an organisation can steward rolling road

Those were the days.

closures for things like parades etc. What you have to do is get yourself a special certificate which you get by completing a special course for stewarding. Our Chamber of Trade was told that the police were the only ones that can train and when finish said course, certificate people. Guess what? Our police force won’t train people. This is why for two years now the Warwick Carnival is a parade short of a full carnival.

I wonder if the local force have come across the term “Community Relations”

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