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Jewellery from Sarah Ashby


Indian Rose Cuff

Jewellery makes a beautiful gift.

If you love contemporary, hand-made jewellery, visit Picturesque in Smith Street Warwick where Sarah Ashby displays her bespoke, original pieces.
Made from enamel and polymer clay these items are totally unique and individual.

The jewellery is available on her website, which has just been streamlined in order to make purchases easy and hassle free. New items are going on daily, and the ‘Retro Collection’ will be launched at the beginning of February.
Perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day..or any other day!
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Local Beers from The Drinks Room, Warwick

New Beers from The Drinks Room

The Drinks Room on Smith Street specialise in beer.
The shop on Smith Street, Warwick has  been open for about 6 months. During that time the business has gone from strength to strength.
One reason the business is succeeding is, that the owners are continually introducing new beers and breweries from around the United Kingdom.

This February will see the Drinks Room introducing more new brewery beers, including one from a local brewery close to Warwick. The Drinks Room are champions of using local shops and businesses. Each of the new breweries will feature a selection of their current ales. The featured breweries for February are:

Honey Trapbeers


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Warwick, A small Town With A Big Heart

Over the years many shop and business owners have supported various charities and causes. Many of the charities supported, have helped our local community projects and individuals who live and work within Warwick.
Below are the details from the wonderful team at Aspire Style on Smith Street, Warwick of their annual charity.

Every year Aspire Style choose a charity to support with local events, fundraising and helping to raise awareness.
This year we are supporting Breast Cancer Care. This charity is particularly important to us as last year Catherine, one of our store managers, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Catherine has been incredibly strong and brave and is now recovering well, she was well enough last September to have her dream wedding!

It came as quite a surprise to everyone when Catherine was diagnosed as she is in her 30’s and regular screening doesn’t start until women are 47. Therefore we would like to help raise awareness so women of all ages are checking themselves and getting the help needed to save lives.

To kick start our fundraising for the year we will be donating £1 for every sale item of clothing sold between Friday 17th -19th January’

 Aspire Style

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