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Keeping a beard looking decent


Lets face it fellas, some of you just don’t take proper care of your beard, do you?

You’ve probably spent months growing your face fuzz, put up with her indoors giving you grief over the scratchy itchy feeling you give her when you try and snuggle up and get all smoochy and what not.

Well now it’s time for you to look after that beard of yours.

Here’s what to do:

Get it trimmed to keep your desired shape. Go to a proper barber. Don’t let her indoors have a go with her dressmaking scissors.

Clean the damn thing. There’s nothing worse than seeing last nights Tikka Masala still hanging around. Best use a dedicated wash though. Beards are coarse and dry, shampoo only makes it worse.

Use a beard balm / moisturiser daily. This will make you smell nice as well as helping to keep the beard frizz tame and soft. More importantly your other half will appreciate the effort you’re making.

To get a more defined shape and additional control, a beard / moustache Pomade is recommended. We love and recommend Morgan’s Beard care Products. Guess what, we stock these products.



A well groomed beard

By Paul Evans | Categories Barbers of Warwick, News