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Fathers Day Gift Ideas From The Barber of Warwick

Fathers Day Gift ideas from The Barbers of Warwick

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With Father’s day just 2 weeks away, ( 21st June 2015) you’re struggling for fathers day gift ideas for Dad’s pressies, aren’t you?
We know he’s probably been a grumpy old sod for most of the year, but hey, that’s Dads for you. We know you love him to bits, so we’re going to give you a couple of ideas from the jolly good folk at the Barbers of Warwick on Smith Street.

If your old man is a bit of a smoothy then how about some damn fine shaving products from Bluebeards Revenge. These products are made in the UK and have won many grooming Awards. None of their products are tested on animals, they’ve been tested by the people that use them; real men!!

Fear not if the old fella prefers the hirsute look. We have the answer for you.

Check out the Morgan’s Beard Care Range from, you guessed it, Morgan’s!

Again these excellent products are made here in the UK and are available at The Barbers of Warwick and will also make an excellent fathers day gift, trust me.

If you need any advice before acquiring any of the above mentioned fathers day gift ideas, then please feel free to mozy on down Smith Street for a chat about Dad’s needs. Everyone loves a Dapper Dad so give him a helping hand this fathers day. But Remember though; a Dad is for life, not just for Fathers Day.


Bluebeards revenge

Buy 2 products and get a free shaving Brush

Scimitar Razor from Bluebeards revenge

The Scimitar Razor
Special offer £31.00

Morgan's Beard care

Morgan’s Beard Care Trio
Prices from £7.50

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