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Paul Weller Comes to Warwick

Paul wellerPaul Weller will be coming to Warwick Castle this Summer.
The concert, scheduled fro July 11th 2014 is a part of his tour that will also include Cardiff Castle and Audley End.

Paul Weller is a hugely popular artist and I suggest will attract a big audience. The former front man for the Jam has been a t the forefront of British Music since the eighties. I suspect his fans will be of a certain demographic, which in my opinion will be more commercially beneficial to the town. Previous bands such as JLS attract a younger crowd, which again, in my opinion, brings little commercial benefit. However I do agree that their fan base is massive and a good crowds visited Warwick for that particular concert.

Tickets for the concert appear to be now available from Weller’s web site. If you are a big fan, it maybe wise to book asap.

Here’s a booking link directed from the Paul Weller web site:

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Jewellery from Sarah Ashby


Indian Rose Cuff

Jewellery makes a beautiful gift.

If you love contemporary, hand-made jewellery, visit Picturesque in Smith Street Warwick where Sarah Ashby displays her bespoke, original pieces.
Made from enamel and polymer clay these items are totally unique and individual.

The jewellery is available on her website, which has just been streamlined in order to make purchases easy and hassle free. New items are going on daily, and the ‘Retro Collection’ will be launched at the beginning of February.
Perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day..or any other day!
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Local Beers from The Drinks Room, Warwick

New Beers from The Drinks Room

The Drinks Room on Smith Street specialise in beer.
The shop on Smith Street, Warwick has  been open for about 6 months. During that time the business has gone from strength to strength.
One reason the business is succeeding is, that the owners are continually introducing new beers and breweries from around the United Kingdom.

This February will see the Drinks Room introducing more new brewery beers, including one from a local brewery close to Warwick. The Drinks Room are champions of using local shops and businesses. Each of the new breweries will feature a selection of their current ales. The featured breweries for February are:

Honey Trapbeers


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Warwick, A small Town With A Big Heart

Over the years many shop and business owners have supported various charities and causes. Many of the charities supported, have helped our local community projects and individuals who live and work within Warwick.
Below are the details from the wonderful team at Aspire Style on Smith Street, Warwick of their annual charity.

Every year Aspire Style choose a charity to support with local events, fundraising and helping to raise awareness.
This year we are supporting Breast Cancer Care. This charity is particularly important to us as last year Catherine, one of our store managers, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Catherine has been incredibly strong and brave and is now recovering well, she was well enough last September to have her dream wedding!

It came as quite a surprise to everyone when Catherine was diagnosed as she is in her 30’s and regular screening doesn’t start until women are 47. Therefore we would like to help raise awareness so women of all ages are checking themselves and getting the help needed to save lives.

To kick start our fundraising for the year we will be donating £1 for every sale item of clothing sold between Friday 17th -19th January’

 Aspire Style

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Fighting The Good Fight

Yesterday evening the WDC planning Committee reversed the planners decision to refuse a change of use application made by a Smith St business owner.
Thankfully after hearing evidence from supporters, including myself the panel decided to grant the applicant a B1 use.

The decision though, and giving my support was a little tricky. Not everything is as straight forward as it seems.
Warwick District Council originally refused the change of use application for a reason that I actually support. WDC rightly pointed out that B1 use businesses have the maximum of 25% occupancy on Smith St. The planners are concerned about the mix of businesses on the street. A good mix of restaurants, service, retail and non retail are needed to make it an attractive and viable environment for shoppers.

The business in question was already trading and had been for nearly 5 years. Errors had been made by the landlord when the lease was transferred so this is why things went wrong. Due diligence must always be applied by both parties when transferring or setting up new leases.

Thankfully a compromise was reached by the committee thus ensuring 5 peoples jobs, and not another empty unit on the street.
The compromise suggested by myself and a Town Councillor, Mandy LittleJohn was to have the B1 use applied to the current business owner and not the premises. Therefore should the business be sold or cease trading then it will revert to a A1 use.

Things are changing quickly on the High Streets of the UK. Flexibility and co-operation is needed by all parties to ensure the prosperity and longevity of all businesses and traditional High Streets.

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Bring in the new

Have  a look at how one enterprising business on Smith Street has taken advantage of what technology can now offer.
The Drinks Room has now implemented Googles new “Virtual Tour” tool.

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It’s good to talk

people-talkingWith so many things happening in Warwick these days its hard to get the fact separated from the fiction. Rumours, truth, it all gets blurred.

This week the Smith Street Traders Association (SSTA) held a meeting with invited guests. The Guests were, Warwick County Council Officers from the Traffic Planning dept. The SSTA wanted to get the full story and the implications to Smith Street should the Local Plan and its current proposals go ahead. One of the possible proposals include closing off a point of exit from Smith Street. If the junction were to be closed the impact to trade on the street could be fatal.

The meeting was cordial and productive and at times, enlightening. Both parties were considerate of each others point of view. The SSTA is now in full discussions with the council to the proposal of exit closures and the impact it will or may have. I am also delighted to report that they (WCC) are considering another option that will greatly reduce the impact on the livelihoods of business owners on Smith Street.

The SSTA is now arranging more meetings with WCC and hopefully the Local Councillor regarding the relevant proposals.
At some point in time we all have to talk to resolve problems or worries that we may have, and its always better to do it face to face.

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A strategy is needed to attract new customers

The fight for new customers is a tough challenge when so many are competing for their attention.
All business sectors retail or service need a steady supply of new customers to keep them viable and in profit.
Many of us are using social media to advertise or promote our business’s but how many of us actually apply a proper, well thought out strategy?

Here is something from our Google + page that will show us how some business use a social Media strategy.

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Victorian Evening

Coming Late November is the Annual Victorian Evening.

This is a great event for the town which always attracts a lot of visitors. Sadly due to police restrictions, Smith Street cannot take part in the event in their usual style. As you know from previous posts the Smith Street Traders like to implement a road closure and celebrate in style. The Warwickshire police Force decreed more than 6 years ago that closing Smith St caused too many traffic problems.

Just because Smith Street can’t do its thing, that shouldn’t stop you from coming to Warwick to enjoy all things Victorian including; ferret racing, a carousel powered by a steam engine and if you’re lucky you may even encounter someone dressed up in period costume. They won’t have small pox though or any other Victorian ailments, so you’ll be fine.

Thursday 28th
November 2013
Attractions 5 – 9pm
Lights switch-on 7pm
Market Square, Warwick, will be transformed
into a Victorian Christmas for you to enjoy:
• Beautiful steam powered carousel
• Children’s rides and entertainment
• A ceremonial procession led by lanterns
• Fairground organs
• Ferret racing
• Festive food stalls
• Victorian market & craft stalls
Enter our best dressed Victorian
competition and win a meal
for two at the Rose & Crown!
FREE parking at Linen Street car park from 4pm
If you would like a stall at the Victorian market, please call on:
01789 267000 or email

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