It’s good to talk

people-talkingWith so many things happening in Warwick these days its hard to get the fact separated from the fiction. Rumours, truth, it all gets blurred.

This week the Smith Street Traders Association (SSTA) held a meeting with invited guests. The Guests were, Warwick County Council Officers from the Traffic Planning dept. The SSTA wanted to get the full story and the implications to Smith Street should the Local Plan and its current proposals go ahead. One of the possible proposals include closing off a point of exit from Smith Street. If the junction were to be closed the impact to trade on the street could be fatal.

The meeting was cordial and productive and at times, enlightening. Both parties were considerate of each others point of view. The SSTA is now in full discussions with the council to the proposal of exit closures and the impact it will or may have. I am also delighted to report that they (WCC) are considering another option that will greatly reduce the impact on the livelihoods of business owners on Smith Street.

The SSTA is now arranging more meetings with WCC and hopefully the Local Councillor regarding the relevant proposals.
At some point in time we all have to talk to resolve problems or worries that we may have, and its always better to do it face to face.

By Paul Evans | Categories News