Smith Street History...

Smith Street history
Eastgate forms an imposing sight at the entrance to the top of the street and was reconstructed in the 15th century when the chapel of St. Peter was above it.

Much of the chapel was rebuilt around 1788 in a gothic style. Clustered around Eastgate are three interesting features – a drinking fountain given to the town in 1859 by a Wilmcote quarry owner; a red telephone box of circa 1935 now listed; and a Greek Doric pillar box dating from Victoria’s reign.

Further back in time Smith Street was known as Smythe Street. It is Warwick’s oldest shopping street and was lucky enough not to be damaged in the Great Fire of Warwick in 1694.
The Street was also known as the Jewish area. This would fit with the Streets name of Smith as many jewish people in that era were smithies. White, Gold, Black & Silver smiths. Also these tradesmen were producing armour for the soldiers of the castle.

Smith Street contained quite a few public and ale houses. What would happen was that nearby farmers would wait in the Street for the market to begin.They would use many of the pubs and trades whilst waiting to go into the Market Square. Now Smith Street is home to a 100% independent business’s. So why not take a stroll down next time you’re in Warwick.