Local shopping and Radio Adverts

This year for the first time the Smith Street Traders Association (SSTA) used the radio advertising to promote it’s annual Street Party. This year, best guess estimates indicate that visitors to the event were perhaps around the 10,000 mark. At any point during 12.00 & 16.30 it was estimated that there were between 2-3000 people on the street.
Some traders on Smith Street suggested that it was perhaps the best ever attended Party since it began about 7 years ago.

So what made a difference? Could the weather be the reason, which of course will always help or is it that this great event is well established? One additional reason maybe that the SSTA chose not to advertise by their usual means of relying on the Folk Festival program to advertise the Street Party. This year the traders group went to Touch Fm to make a radio advert which was aired 56 times in the week running up to Saturday 27th July.

With the Warwickrocks Food & Film Festival Launching on Smith Street on 17th August 2013, radio advertising has been used again to promote the food festival. I guess time will tell on how effective local radio advertising can be. Of course advertising like radio or any other format needs to be a part of a whole strategy for advertising. One thing won’t work on it’s own. Using the radio and other mediums such as social media are proving effective in Warwick. Should our councils, County, District or even Town be using Radio to promote their own assets like Town Centres and High Streets?

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By Paul Evans

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