Local shopping, Big things can happen.

Down on a little street in Warwick, things are happening. Smith St is Warwick’s oldest shopping street. Once home to a jewish community that prospered making armour for the Castles soldiers along with Blacksmiths, whitesmiths & Goldsmiths. Now it is home to a niche set of business including Butchers & Bakers. Many of them as individuals and as a group are fighting back against the multi nationals and of course the “internet” One way of fighting back is with great service and great products which is always offered in great style and care from independents.

Now one business on little old Smith Street has seen one of their dresses, purchased by a TV presenter appear on a major lunchtime program on ITV.
The dress was only bought on Saturday in Aspire by Melanie Sykes. Today Mel was seen wearing her new purchase, a Little Mistress Pink Skater dress on “lets do lunch” earlier today.

So there it is folks, Big things can happen for the little independents of this world. Right stock, right price + great service will get you noticed.

By Paul Evans | Categories News