On Street Parking

On November 1st 2014 the on street parking enforcement was taken over by a private contractor.

Warwickshire County Council put offers for tender by private parking contractors. A company called NSL won the bid process and now are the county’s parking enforcement operator.

Currently there are 30 civil enforcement officers for Warwickshire. Under the arrangements we will not see a traffic warden presence like we are used to. It appears that NSL will operate a “Out of car – drop on enforcement” style.

This means that a car or van will turn up with enforcement (traffic wardens) officers inside, get out, check tickets, issue a penalty notice and then leave by car to the next street or town.

Previous arrangements by Warwick District Council had the wardens patrolling, which acted as deterrent and as a reminder to get a ticket because they were out and about. Now members of the public may be lulled into a false sense of security because they won’t be seeing the wardens until its too late.

Our advice is to always buy a parking ticket, its just not worth the risk. We suspect that NSL will want to maximise their income from enforcement notices and we are unsure about their process if you should wish to appeal against a fine. Use the link above to find out more about appeals process.

It a appears that NSL have a bit of form:



However I suspect that NSL have resolved any problems that have shown up on any Google searches freely available to anyone.


When the contract was taken over their were 25 ticket machines not working. This was across the county not just Warwick.

By Paul Evans | Categories News