Thinning Hair and How to Deal With It

Thinning Hair and how to deal with it.



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Lets get straight to it shall we; Thinning hair is not very good, in fact for most men it’s devastating to realise that we are losing it…. the hair, that is.

If you’re reading this and you have thinning hair then please understand that you are not alone, in fact 70% of manly men will suffer some form of male pattern baldness. It’ll be either at the crown or at the front of your hair.
There can be other reasons that men lose their hair, it can be from ageing, stress and illness, whatever has caused your hair loss, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

So what can you and your barber do to help your folliclelly challenged head?


Thinning hair

The cut that your barber will give you can be a massive help. For example you need to get some volume and texture into your hair. You don’t want your hair sitting flat on your head. Getting texture into the hair will give the appearance of it being thicker. Where the hair is thickest, say near to the crown and sides, this would be the area for texturising and some weight reduction. Doing this will help balance up the appearance if your hair is thinner at the front.
Also consider going shorter. If your hair is too long it will only accentuate and draw other peoples attention to the thinner areas of your hair.

Use the right products.Whether you have thinning hair or not most guys need to use a little of the right product to emphasise the style. Don’t get layering on the hair gel or the wax, these two products will not help the situation. Matt Clay from Bluebeards Revenge is a great product to use to define texture and if used correctly it can add some volume to your hair.
Hairspray, yes good old fashioned hairspray can give you lighter hold without weighing your precious locks down.
Volumising powders are a fairly recent product that has come to market, these too can be excellent choices for getting that much needed lift to your hair.
Don’t over do it with the hair conditioner. This can also weigh the finer hair down making the appearance look lank and sometimes greasy.

Only go for there full shave ( Grade 1,2,3 etc) until you are ready. Talk about all your options with your barber before coming to the big decision.Thinning Hair and how to eat with it

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