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Warwick news 02/07/2013

Warwick is currently facing a new wave of challenges coming under the “Local Plan” More than 12,000 homes are under consideration to be built in the south of Warwickshire in other words, very close to the centre of Warwick.

Their doesn’t however seem to be much thought to the problem of the infrastructure (roads, schools, emergency services etc.) to carry the implications of this amount of new homes. Warwick already suffers with bad traffic congestion at the key times of the day. This plan is now in a consultation period and ends at the end of July 2013. The good folk of Warwick need to read the plan and submit ideas, objections or whatever, but you NEED to do something. Don’t sit idle and think that others will ask the questions or make objections for you. Take action yourself.

Below is an illustration of one of the proposed changes to the roads near to my business. We will be working with residents to get a balanced view of what could be done so that residents and business owners don’t lose out. Some changes like the one below will not benefit any party. For residents, they’ll have increased traffic and lose car parking at the front of their properties. For Business owners, potential customers will be put off driving through the town because the current exits from the town will be impaired by this proposal.

For more information for how and where to take action from then visit: This place

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