Warwick News – Not Standing Idle

Yesterday evening the Warwick District Community Forum held a special meeting at Ayelsford School. The meeting was for the District Council officers to meet local residents and others (Me) to discuss the new local plan and the proposed Gypsy Traveller Sites.

More than 400 people turned up on the warm and balmy evening ready to berate the officers over their proposals. Over 12500 homes are planned for our particular corner of planet earth. It seems that South Warwickshire and particularly Warwick have been made into a super hero town because it looks like we’re taking the vast majority of the required developments to provide housing as suggested by the Government. The plans seem bizarre, greenbelt being trounced on to build homes that currently, according to last nights report from WDC officers are not yet needed. The area has enough planning permissions already passed to build enough homes to last for 5 years.

Temperatures rose even higher when some officers couldn’t answer the questions that were put to them by there adoring public.

The upshot is that if you don’t get your objections or suggestions in by 29th July 2013 then who knows what will happen. On behalf of 60 fellow traders from Smith St, Warwick I’ve posted our views. to top that off, after I had a small rant at the officers of WDC, Smith St has now been granted a private audience with a highways planning dude who says he wants to help. Lets wait and see, shall we.

Paul Evans

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